Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addendum: Medtronic back in the news

The Medtronic company, manufacturer of the devices found 15 years ago to be ineffective in acute pain by AHCPR (May 12 post), is back in the news today -- tied to the Walter Reed Medical Center surgeon who the Army says falsified data. In an article by Duff and Barry Meier in the New York Times, "Doctor Falsified Study on Injured G.I.’s, Army Says" ( we read:

"A former surgeon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, who is a paid consultant for a medical company, published a study that made false claims and overstated the benefits of the company’s product in treating soldiers severely injured in Iraq, the hospital’s commander said Tuesday....The former Army surgeon, Dr. Timothy R. Kuklo, reported that a bone-growth product sold by Medtronic Inc. had much higher success in healing the shattered legs of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed than other doctors there had experienced, according to Colonel Coots and a summary of an Army investigation of the matter."

I guess this leopard, Medtronic, has not changed its spots!

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