Friday, April 15, 2011

Disincentives to rural practice: from "Training Family Doctors" blog

Excellent post about the market disincentives to providing rural health care by Allen Perkins on his blog "Training Family Doctors".
Dr. Perkins goes on to quote from President Obama, who quotes Abraham Lincoln, about the need to care for others; this is a core principle of social justice, and one that I have addressed explicitly in the past both from a principled point of view (Does the nation need a clear policy on a right to basic health care?, April 10, 2009) and from one of enlightened self interest (Red, Blue, and Purple: The Math of Health Care Spending, Oct 20, 2009).

The market, well-regulated, can serve many purposes and be of value, but it cannot, by its nature, be relied upon to serve social justice needs.

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