Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Administration's New Proposal to Address the Determinants of Health

  (a Shakespearean sonnet)

Together, many things affect our health,
Genetics and environment to start,
Where we live and whether we have wealth,
Our personal behaviors play a part.

The Trumpers say they want us to act smart,
Not to smoke, or drink too much, let’s say,
Or overeat (it might affect our heart),
Or else – they’ll take our Medicaid away.

Then we won’t have access to healthcare,
Or treatment options when we do get sick.
Clearly, this is totally unfair,
To solve the problem, it won’t do the trick.

To have a healthier society,
We need real reform, not smug piety.


1 comment:

Barbara Warren said...

Nice poem... and incisive, telling the stark issues of our times. Let's be sure that "this, too, shall pass" and we find our path to a new and virtuous and socially just world very soon. I klook forward to reading your book! B. Warren, MD, MPH

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